March 19, 2018 – Grandchild’s Baby Quilt



This adorable baby quilt was made by a customer for her grandchild. She started with a panel and added a few borders. She requested custom quilting. All of the items in the panel were outlined, including the stars, owl wings, owl eyes, alphabetical letters, star kite, kite tail, etc. Circular dots were added to the elephant. Fluffy shapes were added to the sheep. Blades of grass were added to the ground. Clouds were added to the sky. The two small blue borders were stitched in the ditch. The one inch inner blue borders were quilted with ribbon candy. The larger outer border was quilted using individual stars and half moons. An off-white thread was used on the front and back.



March 3, 2018 – Sampler Quilt


This rose and black colored sampler quilt was made several years ago using a block of the month kit. The quilt was quilted with the Curly Swirly design by Peg Stone (Intelligent Quilting) using dark rose thread on the top and taupe thread on the back. We’re happy to help this customer finish another project from the past.



February 25, 2018 – Tree Skirt


Our customer brought this beautiful tree skirt to us after she had pieced it, quilted the straight and diagonal lines and added binding. She wanted the white blocks quilted with a block design. Every other white block was quilted with a snowflake and the opposite white blocks were quilted with an evergreen tree using dark gray thread.



January 22, 2018 – Criss Cross Rail Fence


This lap size rail fence quilt gives the appearance of old-fashioned rick rack. The quilt was stitched with pale green thread using the Delicate Vine design created by Jessica Schick with Digi-Tech.



January 17, 2018 – Adirondack Chairs and Beach Scene



Who wouldn’t feel like they’re actually at the beach (or want to be there) when looking at this fun wall hanging? The blue and white pieced snail tail sections of the quilt make the waves come alive. The quilt was stitched with blue turquoise colored thread using the  Sally by the Seashore design created by Christy Dillon with My Creative Stitches.