January 26, 2020 – Grandson’s Beige Graduation Quilt



This neutral colored, lap-size quilt was made by the customer for her grandson who is graduating soon. It was quilted using neutral beige thread and the Ginger Star pattern designed by Apricot Moon.



January 20, 2020 – Log Cabin Stars



This log cabin quilt was stitched with brushed gold colored thread to match the color of the stars. The customer requested a star design, so it was quilted with Star Struck (sharp) designed by Christy Dillon with My Creative Stitches.



January 15, 2020 – Amish with a Twist




This beautiful Amish with a Twist quilt is 93×96″ and will look great covering a bed. It was custom quilted with black thread in the black background and colorful variegated thread in all other areas (including the back). The center star was stitched with the same flower block used in each of the pieced blocks. Other parts of the center star incorporated cross hatch, echo stitching, and the same round flower used in the smaller squares of the corners. The corners were stitched with a round flower or a leaf design in 9-patch sections with a larger flower in alternating blocks. Each pieced block was stitched with a flower and leaves block and the surrounding triangles were outlined. The black background was stitched with a four-leaf design. The inner border was stitched with a candy ribbon design; the piano key borders with a flower design; and the outer borders with a round flower in the corners and a feathered leaf in the sides.


October 16, 2019 – Cheerful Stripes and Lattice

Although one of the simpler patterns, quilts using strip sets oftentimes take on a unique personality. Our customer pieced this quilt with the strips going in a vertical direction rather than the typical horizontal direction. It was stitched with off-white thread using a traditional, clam shell design. This quilt will make a beautiful table topper or covering for a daybed.



September 12, 2019 – Stack and Whack

This vibrant stack and whack quilt was stitched using light green thread. It was custom quilted with a design in each eight-pointed star surrounded by a meandering stitch (black thread) and a stitch-in-the ditch around the star and outline of the block. An alternating circle design was used in each of the three-layered sashings with an individual design in each corner. The outer borders were stitched with a leaf design very similar to the leaves in the design of the fabric.