June 8, 2018 – Denim Cathedral Window



This beautiful cathedral window quilt was pieced with denim from numerous personal blue jeans from the customers (husband and wife). The sashing is black cotton and the backing is black/white cotton. To keep a more neutral or rugged look to the quilt, it was quilted with a dark gray thread using the Disco Revisited design by Patricia Ritter (Urban Elementz). The customers requested that the pockets in the blocks be left open and not quilted. To accomplish this, the pockets were removed before quilting, the quilt was quilted and then the pockets were reattached.



May 10, 2018 – Grandson’s T-Shirt Quilt


This queen size quilt was pieced by a customer for a friend who then requested that we quilt it. The graduate is a huge fan of football, not only did he play himself, but he’s also a big Nebraska Huskers fan. The quilt was quilted with the Football Stars design by Jessica Schick (Digi-Tech) using black thread. The sashing is the same black and white fabric as the backing.



May 9, 2018 – Baseball T-Shirt Quilt


High school students have many choices when it comes to activities. This graduate was really involved in baseball. The neckline and button holes were sewn closed on a couple of the jerseys during piecing. After quilting, the buttons were reattached. One block combined sleeve emblems and a patch from four shirts. The patch was actually sewn on by hand after quilting. The quilt was quilted with the Soap Flakes design by Irene Steele (Willow Leaf Studios) using cool gray thread.



April 28, 2018 – Custom T-Shirt Quilt


This particular customer wanted a t-shirt quilt that was different from the standard block layout. The graduate was heavily involved in activities focusing on the arts. In total, 30 shirts were used. Shirt pieces were cut from sleeves, fronts, backs, and pockets in multiples of 3″ and ranged from 3″ x 6″ to 15″ x 15″. Sashing blocks cut from various fabrics ranging from 3″ x 3″ to 3″ x 12″ were used to join the shirt blocks. The backing fabric was black with white sprockets.  Cool gray thread was used for quilting the Soap Flakes design by Irene Steele (Willow Leaf Studios). The quilt ended up being a queen size.



April 16, 2018 – Hockey T-Shirt Quilt


This t-shirt quilt was made for a high school graduate who enjoyed hockey and baseball. In order to retain the integrity of the baseball jersey, the top opening and button holes were sewn closed. Once the quilting was done, the buttons were added back on. The quilt was quilted with the Graffiti design by Hermoine Agee (Digi-Tech Designs) using cool gray thread.