September 18, 2018 – Baby Memory Quilts

These two small quilts were pieced using infant items (onesies, bibs, footed pajamas, hooded sweatshirts, receiving blankets, etc.). Both quilts have pieces from the same item. The front of an item was used on one of the quilts and the back was used on the other.  The four-patch blocks were pieced using squares from each item. The receiving blankets were used for large blocks and squares for the four-patch blocks. Pockets and openings (zippered, snapped or buttoned) were sewn closed. However, things like the giraffe’s tail and sweater buttons were retained for a 3-D effect. The quilts each had gray backing, although one had dots and the other had dimples. All items, except the receiving blankets, were stabilized before use. The quilts were stitched with gray thread using an overall meander (stipple).


August 31, 2018 – Winter Through the Window

This lap size, window pane quilt was pieced using fussy-cut blocks. This quilt will make a great table cover because it is actually rectangular horizontally. The quilt was stitched with shiny gold colored thread using the Snow Winds design by Barbara Becker (Digi-Tech Designs).


August 30, 2018 – Winter Star

This elegant, wall-sized Christmas Star quilt was pieced with tonal brown/black and cream colored fabrics. The backing fabric is a collage of scenes from Christmas. It was quilted with shiny sandy brown thread using the Midnight Sparkle design by Kristin Hoftyzer (Digi-Tech Designs).


August 29, 2018 – 1930’s Hexagon Wheel

This lap size quilt was pieced using reproduction 1930’s circa fabrics. To enhance the traditional vintage look, it was quilted with white thread using the Taz design by Margaret Stone (Intelligent Quilting).


August 10, 2018 – African Safari


This wall hanging quilt beautifully portrays some of the amazing animals who inhabit Africa. It was quilted with bone colored thread using the Heatwave design by Patricia Ritter (Urban Elementz). The heatwave design adds movement to the quilt and resembles the wave pattern found in the dark brown fabric in the quilt.