February 1, 2021 – Pineapple Farm

This cheery throw size pineapple quilt is going to be used as a table cover in the spring. It was stitched with light cream colored thread using the Bee Dazzled design by Patricia Ritter (Urban Elementz).

January 20, 2021 – Tulips for Mom

This geometric square on point was made for the customer’s mother as a retirement gift. Her mom’s favorite flower is the tulip. The quilt was stitched with purple thread using the Tulip Damask design from Wasatch Quilting.

January 12, 2021 – Great Grandson’s Heirloom Gift


This quilt was made by a customer as a gift from a gentlemen for his grandson. It was pieced with woodsy themed fabrics. The recipient’s name is embroidered in the upper gray strip; however, it was covered up for privacy reasons. The quilt was stitched with light gray thread using the Bear, Moose and Pines design by Deb Geissler (Digi-Tech).


January 10, 2021 – Memory Quilt for Daughter


We were commissioned to make a memory quilt in honor of a customer’s wife who had passed away in 2020 from cancer. The quilt is to be a surprise gift for their daughter’s birthday. Items used in the quilt included stretch knit workout apparel, 4-H ribbons, embroidered table cloths, tank tops, shorts, t-shirts, pictures printed on fabric, knitted socks, a special dress, flannel pajamas, and a Minky blanket. Fabric was purchased for the sashing, corners, binding and backing. The inner border was made using strips from a workout jacket. The outer border was pieced with fussy-cut words from the Minky blanket plus purchased fabric. One embroidered picture was too large for the front, so it was centered on the back of the quilt. The quilt was stitched with light pink thread using the PS I Love You design by Christy Dillon (My Creative Stitches).


December 23, 2020 – Breathe/Scripture Quilt


Who needs a little inspiration during the current pandemic? Look no further than this Scripture based quilt. It was stitched with putty-colored thread using the Random Baptist Clams design by Jessica Schick (Digi-Tech).