January 27, 2014 – Seams are Best if Pressed

It’s no secret that an iron is a valuable tool for a quilter.  If you have the space, keep your iron and ironing board up in your sewing area.  This will save time when you are working on quilt blocks.  It is recommended that all seams be pressed before the piece you are working on is sewn to another.  Remember to press the iron in an up and down motion on the fabric.  If ironing is done in a circular motion, the fabric may become distorted.  Quilt patterns typically provide instructions for the direction to press each seam.  If you’re unsure, press the seam allowance toward the darker fabric.  To aid in making flat corners when joining rows together, we recommend that you alternate the direction of seam allowances for the rows (i.e, first row/left direction, second row/right direction, etc.).  Don’t forget – when your rows are all joined, iron the row seam allowances in a downward direction (toward the bottom of the quilt).  This step needs to be done before it is loaded on a long arm machine.  If you’re adding borders, border seam allowances are typically ironed outward, toward the border.  A small amount of ironing during the piecing process can make a huge difference when joining all of your blocks together.

January 14, 2014 – Animal Crib Quilt

Grandson Quilt ABC DesignAlphabet Soup Design Sample






Making a one-of-a-kind baby gift is something that is truly treasured by the recipient. Crib quilts typically aren’t large.  Therefore, this type of project can be done quickly and with a small amount of fabric.  The crib quilt above was quilted using the all-over Alphabet Soup design by Patricia Ritter.

December 31, 2013: Snowmen in a Winter Wonderland

Snowmen_Winter_Wonderland QuiltSnowmen_Winter_Wonderland Quilt2






It may be cold outside, but warmth can be found sitting by the fireplace wrapped up in this snowman quilt.  It is quilted using the Winter Wonderland design by Barbara Becker (Four Paws Quilting).  This is a lap-size quilt that looks inviting laying across your sofa, or it also makes a great wall hanging.